Best Muscle Building Supplements CrazyBulk Review 2015 is regarded as one of the leading providers of legal steroids and supplements in the world. Bodybuilders, many of them competition ready, flock to the site each and every day to pick up some high quality supplements. On this page we are going to take a little look at some of the best muscle building supplements that supply. Hopefully somewhere on this list you will be able to spot something which is going to be highly beneficial to you.

To save repeating myself over and over again for each product, I am going to make one thing clear here: each of the products stocked by has gone through a number of inspections to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. In fact; products shipped by are all RX-Grade. This means that you can look forward to all of the benefits of these products without having to worry about the negative impact that the additives found in many lesser-products on the market bring to the table.

dianabol-d-balDianabol – D-Bol

We are going to kick-start this list of the best muscle building supplements with Dianabol, or D-Bol as it is sometimes known. This is in part down to the fact that this is without a doubt the biggest selling product on the website. It is recommended by bodybuilders the world over for its ability to deliver fast gains in the shortest amount of time.

Dianabol is designed to mimic a steroid known as Methandrostenolone. This steroid, which is illegal in all competition sports, helps to boost nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. This will allow slightly better protein synthesis. This basically means that your body is going to have a far easier time converting that protein and using it to build up muscle mass. Those who regularly supplement with Dianabol regard it as one of the best muscle building supplements in the world simply for the fact that not only does it increase the size of your muscles but it will also increase your overall strength. There are very few supplements on the market, particularly those which steer clear of steroids, which actually deliver gains quite like this and for that reason you are going to love this product.

Just look at the benefits you can look forward to if you start supplementing with Dianabol today:

·         Boosts both strength and stamina. You will of course need to work out hard to get these gains (there are zero products on the market which will give you gains if you are lazy, despite what some companies may say).

·         A safe way in which to boost nitrogen retention. There are similar products on the market which seem to use unsavoury ingredients to boost nitrogen retention in the muscles. For most people these ingredients should not cause too many issues, but I have stumbled across a few people who have had to deal with some rather awful side-effects from these ingredients. This is not a problem that you will need to worry about Dianabol.

·         Boosts blood flow during exercise. This should hopefully make it far easier to work out for long periods of time as your muscles will not become tired. The increased blood flow will also reduce the chances of injury, which is always a plus when you are looking for gains quickly!

·         Most people should be able to enjoy gains in as little as two weeks. This makes it one of the fastest acting muscle building supplements on the market right now. Very little comes close to the speed in which Dianabol gets to work.

What should you stack it with? Well; combine with all three of these and you will be enjoying gains that no other muscle building supplement available on the market is able to match. You can’t turn your nose up at that, can you?

·         D-KA

·         Tren-Bal

·         Test-tone

anadroleAnadrol – Anadrolone Elite Series

The majority of people who use Anadrol will use it as part of a stack. This is fine. This is how you are going to unlock most of the benefit from it. Most people do not however realize that there is so much more to Anadrol than just another ingredient to toss into whatever stack you are using. This product is powerful enough to give you benefits when used on its own.

The idea of Anadrol is that it will help to boost the production of red blood cells in your body. The more red blood cells there are in your system, the easier it is going to be for the body to transport oxygen around your system. As you may know; oxygen is absolutely vital if you want long and intense work out sessions. If your muscles do not get the oxygen that they need then you will very quickly become tired, and when you are tired you will find it tough to work out. You do not have to worry about that at all with Anadrol. This product will allow you to push your body to the absolute maximum. You will be working out like you have never worked out before. You will be lifting heavier weights, you will be going on for longer and longer, and this of course means that you will be looking forward to a huge boost in your muscles in next to no time at all.

The benefits of this product are as follows:

·       Boosts strength and protein synthesis. Remember this from Dianabol? The boosts in Protein synthesis will kick-start those muscle gains in no time at all. Those who take this supplement get huge gains quite quickly.

·       Most people report muscle gains of up to 20lbs on the first cycle alone.

·       Improves nitrogen retention.

·       Allows you to work out for longer and at a far harder intensity.

·       Fast recovery from strenuous workouts. This means that you can be back in the gym the very next day ready to work out again.

·       Boosts stamina and energy.

Stacks well with:

·         D-KA

·         D-Bal

·         A-Drol

·         Tren-Bal

tbal75Trenbolone – T-Bal 75

Trenbalone, or T-Bal 75 as it is sometimes known, is next up on this list. Be warned though; this muscle building supplement is only for the most hardened of muscle builders out there. The vast majority of people will notice almost immediate gains from using this particular supplement.

Tren Bal is designed to released testosterone in the system. This testosterone is of course going to lead to some pretty intense gains as it is. Trenbolone goes one beyond that though. It will also help retain nitrogen in the muscles. As you should hopefully know by now; this increased nitrogen retention will mean better use of the protein that you consume. One of top of this the supplement will help you shed those extra pounds whilst ensuring that you get the leanest type of muscle gain you can imagine. It is no wonder that this product is achieving a lot of praise in the muscle building community at the moment. I mean; just take a little look at the benefits that you will be able to enjoy:

·         Nitrogen retention is pushed to the max. Combine this with T-Bal and you can look forward to one of the best muscle building supplements ever devised.

·         Boosts free testosterone levels to ‘all-time’ highs.

·         Helps to shed that awful fat which is stopping your muscles from popping out properly. Of course; the supplement ensures that the fat is not taken away from the muscle.

·         Helps to harden up your muscles

·         Incredibly fast-acting. Some people have reported benefits within just a few short days. Could you really turn your nose up at that? I know I could not!

Ideally Stacked With:

·         WINNI

·         CLENN

·         D-Bal (highly recommended!)

testosteroneMaxTestosterone Max (Tes-Tone)

As you can probably guess; this product has been designed to boost testosterone levels in the body. It does this in a completely natural way too. This means none of those awful ingredients found in a few other products on the market. This means that the use of TES-TONE is virtually side-effect free. It comes as no surprise that this is regarded as one of the best muscle building supplements by weightlifters all over the world.

Test-Tone is an all-natural product. It has been sourced from a plant called Tribulus Terretris. This means that you will be able to look forward to all of the benefits that this particular supplement can bring without the worry that you are going to have a negative reaction to the ingredients. For the most part, and I have encountered zero people who have had side-effects from this product, this product is completely side-effect free.

Obviously the benefits of Test-Tone are those which are most commonly associated with testosterone building products. The benefits of this product are slightly different to most others on this list, although there are a few similarities:

·         Boosts muscle gains through the power of protein synthesis.

·         Boosts nitrogen retention

·         Boosts blood flow. This essentially means that you will be able to work out for longer and far more intense periods of time before you start to get tired. It will even help during the recovery process. This ensures that you have far more ‘on days’ than ‘off days’.

·         Boosts strength

·         Decreases stress.

·         Boosts Stamina

·         Increases male sex drive and the ability to ‘perform’.

·         Reduces body fat whilst ensuring that nothing is taken away from the muscles. In short; those who take this supplement can be sure that their muscles will just ‘pop’ out.

Stacks well with:

·         D-Bal

·         D-KA

·         TREN-BAL

·         A-DROL

decaduroDeca Durabolin

This particular product is there for those who wish to boost their strength to points that they never thought was possible. When you use Deca Durabolin you will be kissing goodbye to those awful plateaus. They are a thing of the past. This supplement will keep you going for far longer.

Ask anybody and they will tell you that this product (formally known as Nandrolone Decanoate) is one of the best muscle building supplements ever devised. Just about all muscle builders will have used this at least once or twice. Strength gains will quite often occur within the first week. You can expect to see gains of up to 20lbs of lean muscle mass in as little as one month.


·         Boosts Protein Synthesis (i.e. it will allow your muscles to better utilize the protein that you put into your body)

·         Huge muscle gains.

·         Huge strength gains.

·         Joints ache? Deca Durabolin will ensure that that is a thing of the past. This is because Deca Durabolin will help to boost the synthesis of collagen.

·         Increases nitrogen retention.

·         Increases muscle mass whilst at the same time reducing the level of body fat. This basically means that in just a couple of months your muscles will be ‘popping’ out.


Stacks well with:

·         D-Bal

·         A-Drol

·         Tren-Bal

·         Test-Tone


clenbutrolClenbuterol – Clen

This supplement has been designed specifically for those who are looking to boost their weight loss. This is a product which has been used extensively by celebrities who want that ‘trim’ figure. You may even have heard a few of them talking about it from time to time. Combine this with one of the best muscle building supplements on this list and you will be looking forward to some pretty decent gains.

Clenbuterol will melt that fat away. You use this product and you can expect your whole figure to start tightening up in just a couple of weeks. Don’t worry about your muscle though. This product has been designed to reduce fat throughout your body, but it won’t take it from your muscles. You are still able to work hard to build up their size!

Stack with:

·         Winnidrol

·         Test-Max

·         P-Var

Paravar Elite Series (P-VAR)

This supplement has been designed for those that want the leaner look but do not want to do it to the detriment of their muscle mass. This product has been specially formulated to be used by both men and women. The gains are not going to be huge, but for those who just want to look fantastic with the minimal amount of effort then you will struggle to find anything better on the market.


·         This product has been designed for cutting cycles.

·         Improves the hardness of your muscles whilst trimming away all of that excess fat which resides around it.

·         Allows you to cut calories whilst ensuring that your lean muscle does not suffer.

·         Suitable for both genders.

·         Incredibly safe. There are no known side effects to this product.

·         Taken orally. It is quite easy to take too. You do not need to overload yourself with this supplement like you would with other products on the market.

·         You will notice small gains in size and strength. If you want the biggest gains then you should stack your Anavar with a few of the other products available through

Stacks with:

·         Winni

·         Clenn

·         Tren-Bal


Winstrol is the perfect supplement for those who wish to give a bit of shape to their body. This product will help to trim away all of that ugly fat and replace it with absolutely gorgeous lean muscle. The best part? The process takes no longer than a couple of weeks. If you keep up to date with your regular workout plan then you will look fantastic pretty quickly.


·         Boosts muscle density

·         Increase in strength without any extra weight being added.

·         Increased speed

·         Increased Agility

·         Eradicates excess water in your system.

·         Keeps your lean muscle whilst eliminating extra body fat. This is what it makes it so great for those who are trying to lose weight.

If you want the biggest gains from this supplement then it is important that you stack it. Of course; if you are not too fussed about having the largest muscles then you can just use it on its own. You are still going to look great at the end of the day. If you stack then I suggest you combine it with the following:

·         P-Var

·         Clenn

·         Tren-Bal


Whilst all of the best muscle building supplements on this list have been designed to be used on their own, each and every one of them is going to work a lot more effectively as a stack. Throughout this page I have highlighted which products work best in tangent with other products. If you stick to those ideas then I am sure you will have absolutely no problems combining products to result in the highest possible gains in the shortest amount of time.

Why not buy the Best Muscle Building Supplements Today?

Purchase these products today and you could look forward to gains in as little as a couple of weeks. Those who are new to bodybuilding may actually find that the gains come in far faster than these two weeks! You will never know until you try them out. They are regarded as some of the best in the world. What have you got to lose?


GHAdvanced + HGH Supplement Review 2015

ghadvanced + reviewGHAdvanced + is the strongest, most potent HGH supplement available on the market without prescription. It comes in a daily supplement and its aim is to encourage the body to produce its own natural supply of HGH again, for all its potency it is extremely safe to use with no side effects.

It’s high quality ingredients truly surpass the other HGH advancers available; with a vast amount of ingredients and nutrients, for example L-5-HTP, Alpha-GPC, GABA, GTF Chromium, Astragalus, Bovine Colostrum, Green Tea, Resveratrol, Rhodiala Rosea, all designed to promote youth and vitality and replace essential vitamins and minerals your body is now lacking. Within 2-3 weeks you will visibly see and feel results.

With GHAdvanced +, if you are not already convinced by this wonderful product, just take a look at the benefits:

  • A reduction in wrinkles and lines for a more youthful appearance.
  • Tighter, firmer skin and increased muscle tone, giving you the strength you had in your youth.
  • A boosted immune system allowing you to fight off illnesses more easily and helping you stay healthy.
  • The ability to lose weight more easily and getting rid of that unwanted fat making you look instantly slimmer and younger
  • An increased sex drive and a libido like you had in your teenagers! Never have a waning love life again.



Buying HGH Supplements – Things to Know Before You Purchase.

If you took a completely unbiased poll of people walking down any street in your town, the results would probably be that most of them are unhappy with their current level of fitness and the way their body works. We are under constant pressure from society to improve our appearance, but at the same time, we are under pressure to live hectic personal and professional lives that can keep us from achieving these goals as quickly as we might want. To balance out these needs and desires, many people have begun to buy HGH supplements. Before you make the decision to alter your body in this way, it’s important to know more about how these substances can affect you.

In case you’ve never thought about what it would mean to buy HGH supplements, there are some important basic facts that you should be aware of. Most importantly, you should know that it’s not illegal to buy HGH in the United States as long as you have a valid prescription. This rule might vary in other countries, and you should be sure to investigate the legal rules about buying this substance before you try order online.
One of the most important things that you should know before you buy HGH supplements is that this substance is a naturally occurring hormone that your body makes on its own. Human growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland, which is the largest gland in the human body. This hormone works to encourage cell growth, which makes people grow larger as they age. The only problem is that sometimes the body can stop making this growth hormone before we are really ready to stop growing. When that occurs, doctors can sometimes prescribe synthetic versions of this substance so that HGH can be regularly supplied to the body.

If you think that you’re ready to buy HGH supplements, you should know that it’s very important to be aware of all the negative and positive effects this could have on your body. Spend some time researching the brand that you’re considering on the internet. Look for customer reviews that will let you know what you can expect to see and feel as you use the product. Also be sure to follow any and all instructions about how much to take and how/where to administer the hormone. Failing to do so could result in negative effects that you won’t like.


Dianabol D-bal Review

dianabol-d-balDianabol D-bal is one of the products which many people out there in muscle building-land seem to be really ‘digging’ at the moment. I have come across more than one professional muscle builder who has claimed that this product was fantastic. I just had to give it a go. In this Dianabol D-Bal Review I want to go through a couple of my experiences.

What is Dianabol D-Bal?

Dianabol D-Bal is an oral supplement (it comes in tablet form). It has been designed to boost muscle gains for those who are into their muscle building. Use of this product will not only lead to increases in size of muscles but also strength too, which makes it one of the rarer products on the market simply because most others out there will not lead to strength increases. I should know, I have tried most of the popular ones on the market.

Dianabol D-Bol accomplishes this by mimicking a steroid known as Methandrostenolone. This in turn will lead to greater nitrogen retention in the muscle tissue. This will lead to better protein synthesis in the muscles and ultimately lead to a boost in not only size but also in strength. This is claimed to be one of the fastest acting muscle building supplements on the market, and I am inclined to agree with that too! I noticed gains in as little as two weeks, something which took many, many months to obtain with some other more popular products on the market.


Features of Dianabol D-Bal

  • This product gets to work incredibly quickly. Most people will find that they notice a significant improvement in muscle mass in as little as two weeks.
  • 100% safe to use. There are no side effects to using this product.
  • Increases strength
  • Increases stamina
  • Boosts blood flow whilst you are working out.
  • Boosts Stamina


This product is so full of positives it is incredibly difficult to know where to begin. Obviously this supplement is going to be incredibly easy to use (take a little peek at the instructions for use below), and this means that it is highly unlikely that you will ever regularly miss a day, which can of course undo all of your hard work. You have no idea how many supplements on the market that seem to want you to jump through hoops in order to get them working. With this product all you need to do is remember to take it three times a day, just one tablet, there are no injections or needles here.

This product is a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. This means that you get all of the benefits of steroids but you do not have to put up with the problems that they can cause. Obviously this product is 100% legal otherwise I would not be recommending it to you.

As mentioned previously on this page, this product is designed to give the fastest gains possible. The majority of people, providing they are willing to put the work in, should see gains within as little as a couple of weeks. Some people, particularly those who are new to the muscle building scene, may end up seeing gains in just a couple of days. I have used plenty of different products on the market, mostly for review purposes, and I must say that very little comes close to the performance that Dianabol D-Bol boasts. This means even some of the biggest selling products in the world.

If you are looking to stack then you will be pleased to know that this product works well in tangent with a number of the products also offered by the manufacturer. I am going to highlight some stack ideas later on so I won’t go into depth here. All you need to know is that this product works well with other products, this means you can look forward to incredibly big gains without worrying about awful side-effects or causing damage to your organs (if you do not stack properly then you run the risk of liver or kidney damage with some other products on the market!)


Coming up with cons for the Dianabol D-Bal is actually pretty hard. Obviously it is not a perfect product, nothing on the market actually is, but finding the cons is actually difficult simply because most of them can be justified.

Perhaps the only major con with the Dianabol D-Bal is the fact that it is not the cheapest supplement on the market. Each bottle will see you fit for about thirty days. This means one pill taken three times each day. I do feel the price is justified though. You see; this is a highly effective supplement. If you use it then you are going to need to use absolutely nothing else. This means that you do not need to waste your cash elsewhere (unless you want to opt for one of the stack recommendations that I mention later on) so the price is more than reasonable. It is still more expensive than some other supplements on the market, but having tried many of them I am confident in saying that Dianabol D-Bal is head and shoulders above them in terms of effectiveness.

It is worth noting however that if you are searching for a supplement that will lead to huge muscle gains without too much work on your part then you should look somewhere else. This is a supplement. It is not a magic trick which will lead to gains at the click of your fingers. If you are not carrying out regular strength exercises then you will get zero benefit from this product. This is obviously not a negative as there are zero products out there which will lead to gains without a bit of work on your part, I just figured I would throw it out there just in case you thought that this was the secret to being lazy. It is not.

How I Achieved My Gains with Dianabol D-Bal

I followed the recommendations that the company behind Dianabol D-Bal gave. This was my schedule for taking the supplement and if you want the maximum gains then I suggest you follow it:

  • 1 Tablet, three times each day. You should take it with all meals and should be taken on non-workout days too. On the days that you are working out you should be taking the supplement about 40 minutes before your session (even if you are not eating at the same time)
  • Use for a period 2 months on and then 1.5 weeks ‘off’.

Who is Dianabol D-Bol For?

This product is marketed towards those ‘fitness addicts’ who want to get the fastest possible gains in the shortest possible amount of time. Obviously the product is going to be absolutely perfect for them. One of my friends however is new to the muscle-building scene. By new I mean they had barely tried any supplements to boost their gains. I pointed them in the direction of Dianabol D-Bol and they absolutely loved it. The product was not harsh on the body at all (I have introduced a couple of newcomers to certain supplements and they just ended up causing havoc in their system…never again). Dianabol D-Bol had no side-effects at all.

In short; I recommend this product for just about anybody who is really getting into muscle gains. It is something that you are going to love a lot and it is probably one of the only supplements that I am willing to recommend over and over again to people.

Stack Recommendations

Whilst Dianabol D-bal is powerful enough to use on its own, if you want the fastest possible gains then I suggest you use it as part of a stack. After having a brief flick through the site where I purchased it there were a couple of products that caught my eye as potentially working well in tangent with Dianabol D-Bol. These are:

  • D-KA
  • Tren-bal
  • Test-tone

Don’t get me wrong; the product can be used incredibly well without even touching any of those. You are reading this review however and that means you are probably after the fastest gains possible, right? If so; those products are all you need to get the gains that you want in the shortest period of time.

Should You Purchase?

I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Dianabol D-Bol. I have used a lot of products (I am a sort of muscle-building freak), but nothing came close to the benefit that this particular supplement brought to my life. The gains were about as immediate as you can get with supplements (i.e. within a couple of days) and they were absolutely huge. This is a product which is almost certainly going to be popular. No matter who you are; if you are looking for the fastest possible gains then I suggest you pick up Dianabol D-Bol today. It is a production which you are not going to regret. Trust me on that one.